What do you wish to be when you grow up?

– Asha Shariff,  Grade 5, Gems World Academy,   Dubai, 

#Mars Rover Curiosity

When I #grow up I want to be an astronaut. I always thought that to be an astronaut one needs to train at National Aeronautics Space Administration  NASA at an early age.  I believe that is the case.  Apart from that, one needs to be very smart and brave to have the courage to go and explore planets. For my individual project at school I am planning to research on one of the following topics:  a. Humans going to Mars in 2020, b. Space tourism and c. Could there be life on another planet? It is my interest in this field that makes me want to research more about it.  However, even though I want to be an astronaut, I have never wanted to go to the moon! Mars has always been my interest.

I do not want to go somewhere where humans have already been. I want to go somewhere unexplored – as of yet!





One night an UFO landed in my back garden. A little man climbed down………

By    Joel Sanil Thomas      Grade 8       Our Own Indian School, Dubai

One night unable to sleep, I kept tossing around. Suddenly, I heard a big thud in the backyard of my house. I got out of my bed and tiptoed down the hall in to my backyard. There I saw a great big UFO. I almost fainted when suddenly the spaceship’s door opened. A small sized alien dawdled up to me and started to speak gibberish. I could not understand what it was trying to tell me. This continued for a few minutes and then the alien went back inside and brought out some kind of a device. The alien fitted the device on its chest, and with a few tweaks and a push of a button it started to talk in my language. And it started to ask me “Can you help me?” “I think I am lost “. To this I shot back a volley of questions. ”Are you really an alien? Which planet are you from? Why did you come here?”

The alien said, ”First of all, stop asking so much questions at once and yes, I am alien to this place. I am from the planet Zorkbog”.

” ZORKBOG ???, which planet is that? What are you doing here?”

” I came here because I lost my way home.”, said the alien.

He continued, “I was returning home in space through a meteor shower when suddenly an asteroid hit my ship. My navigator stopped working.  That was my only way home”

” But what do u want me to do?  I cannot fix anything related to machines and your ship is not even from this planet ”, I told the alien.

The alien said, ”  I know how to fix the ship; I just need some tools and some spare parts, Can you take me some place where I can get all the tools and spare parts?” .

There was silence for a while and then an idea popped into my head, I said to the alien, ” There is an old workshop nearby, the owner died a few years ago and it still remains intact if you can find the tools and spare items you need ”.

”Let’s get there quickly”, replied the alien.

“Yeah, let us go, but before that you need to find some way to hide your ship, or else, you will be in grave danger”.

” No need to worry about that”, saying this he took out a remote and on pressing a button the ship became invisible. Both of us hurried to the workshop, I waited out for lookout and the alien went inside to take all the tools he needed . After that we went back to my house we both worked on the ship to fix it. We finally got the navigator to work after a while.

Just as he was about to leave back in his ship, the alien took me inside the ship saying,” I am going to give you a gift as you have been very helpful.”

It was really cool inside the ship. There was many wonderful looking gadgets in there. The alien came back with a cute little box. He looked at me and told me “This is a robot pet we use in our world. Its abilities are limitless. I am going to gift this to you as you have been very helpful to me”. I was stunned. I thanked him and got out of the ship. Then slowly the ship started to rise up in to the sky and into the space. When the ship was out of view, I pressed a small button of the box gifted to me. The box transformed itself into a cute little dog. This was the best midnight adventure in my whole life.




What if there were no cars, no buses nor trains nor planes? Would this change our life?

If there were no cars, buses, trains or planes this would change our life because there would not be any means of transportation. Maybe there would be Dhows as in the past and people would still use camels or other animals to go where they want to go. Development is impossible without transportation. We see new stuff in our life because of transportation. We see all these computers, iPads and iPhones because of transportation. We eat different kinds of food from different places in the world because of transportation. So transportation is very important for all development.

 Dawud Mohammed

Cambridge International School, Dubai

Grade 3

Does advertising influence our food choice?

In today’s world,  lots of new products  are made everyday.  Advertising helps both companies and people to be aware of the products that are sold in the market. Humans are curious by nature to know about new things. That’s why whenever we see something new we want to buy or try it. So advertisement is one of the important ways to attract the people towards the new product. The customers get interested on seeing the advertisements about their favourite products. But, there are some disadvantages too. The media does not show the bad side of the new product at all. They do not inform us of the chemicals that are added as preservatives. So most customers who do not know much about the product do not find out the ill effects of using the product and sometimes this affects their health. Advertising companies normally use models or famous people to advertise their products. If models are shown using the product in the advertisement, the customers will get attracted and they  buy the product. Sometimes even I insist that my mother buys the food that I see advertised on television. So, I think advertisement influences not only  our food choices but all other things in life as well.

Anjali P.V

 Grade 7

Indian International School

My first day at school!

My first day of school was on the 1st of April 2008 in “Delhi Private School: Dubai”. It happens to be the same school that I am in today in Grade 7.  At that time, I remember being very scared to enter the class room. This fear was partly due to the fact that I was generally and am still shorter than average people of my age. So deep down, there probably was the fear of getting bullied. However, when I stepped into the class I was extremely surprised that my size was not very different from the others at that time! But instead of feeling relieved, I was overcome by more fear as I was about to utter my first word in the class. Almost suddenly, I burst out into tears! My mother had not even left the class and came back to hug me. She stayed there for few minutes and then left me on my own after comforting me. After that, I was able to handle my tears and that was the time I learnt to be strong and to face my fears. Soon the teacher came around to me and asked me to recite the English Alphabet, This time around, I gathered myself  and buried my fears deep down in the bottomless abyss of my forgotten memories, until I was sure that I would no longer remember what that fear was for, anymore .

That day was absolutely the most important day of my life and I want to never remember the fear again .

By: Gregory Dsouza, Grade 7

Delhi Private School  Dubai 

When I reached my new school Cambridge International School, I felt half excited and half scared. I tried to remain cool and bold as I entered the classroom. The students somehow looked small. That made me a bit comfortable.  I  liked the colour of the furniture in the room. There were many kids in the room and they were all talking at the same time. I thought I would be left alone with no one to talk to. Just then, one of the students came and spoke to me. She told me that she would take me around. So we went out to the hall and all the important places. It took me a while to learn and remember where the washroom, the playground and our classroom were.  I  realized that I was not nervous anymore. From then on, me and the girl became friends.  And afterwards, I made many more friends.

By: Nicole Chin , Grade 5

Cambridge International School, Dubai



What would you do if you woke up in the morning one day and found yourself invisible?

Luxme Thapa Magar- Grade 9- Crescent English High School, Dubai

If I woke up one fine morning and found out that I was no longer visible, then I would be very happy. I would do everything I wanted to do that cannot be done when I am visible. I am not a foodie but enjoy trying new dishes, so I would go to many restaurants and eat new dishes as well as my favourite dishes. I would enjoy the time and be really naughty. I would make use of the opportunity and  do whatever I wanted to  and nobody would be there to stop me. I would go to private places, prank many people, and that day would be the best day of my life.