What makes you feel nervous? How do you deal with it? – Asha Shariff

Nervousness, stress, anxiety, they are all related.  The most common one is nervousness. We all feel nervous sometimes and we have to find a way to deal with it and release the stress and anxiety causing it. Nervousness is a constant feeing which comes and goes every now and then. Each of us have a certain amount of confidence, but believe me, there comes a time where we all get nervous. What is causing this nervousness? Well, nervousness is caused by lack of confidence, shyness or even stress. This happens either when there are a number of people listening to us, or just due to the the type of people around us.

What makes me feel nervous? Although I myself am quite confident, sometimes there are moments where I lack confidence. I am in wonder why this is so. I personally think this occurs when teachers are around. I find that I am not as confident when teachers or grown-ups are listening to me speak. However, when I am prepared for speaking, and there are teachers around, then  my confidence does not fail me.

Everyone has their own method of dealing with their nervousness. But if you like talking to yourself and imagining, here is my advice to you to deal with your nervousness. When speaking in public and you feel that sneaky nervousness interrupting you, you just have to imagine there is no one listening to you. Think as if you are still rehearsing. It makes the body feel more comfortable. This is a much better thing to do than bursting out into tears. That would be a huge embarrassment to yourself and everyone who is listening to you.

To conclude, we all face these times when we just feel like running away to some place else, where no one is around. But that is not what we should do. We have to learn how to deal with it. Do not burst into tears. Face those fears of yours and make that anxiety, nervousness and stress disappear and not bother you for the rest of time.


Asha A Shariff

Grade 5

Gems World Academy



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