Have you ever gotten lost? What did you do at the time? By Aleena and Deep

My parents sometimes let me go alone to the playground and my friend’s house but not always.  Once when I went playing like this in the playground, I played for a long time. Then I got bored and so I went out searching for my mom. But I could not find her anywhere. So I got scared that she might had left me all by myself. Then I remembered what my sister had done when she got lost. So, I went to the security room. And the security guard called my mom. Then she found me and I was happy.

Then I understood that we should stay close to our parents when we go out and also that we should not go anywhere without informing our parents                     

Aleena Ahamed                                                                  

New  Millennium School

Grade 2


I love playing games and my mother lets me play too. One day my mom took me to the cricket stadium. When we reached there I saw some players playing cricket. Since I love cricket,  I wanted to watch the match. My mom went to park the car. Then I went to watch the game. After few minutes I came back to the same place where my mom had parked her car but I couldn’t see her.  I was so scared. After a while I saw my mom looking for me and calling out my name. I ran to her and we both were happy.

I realized that I should not go anywhere without asking my parents.

Deep Tarun Bhatia

Gems Modern Academy

Grade 2



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