Where do our thoughts come from? Gregory and Asha



Thoughts comes from the situational problems or situations. Thoughts also come from our brain. We get thoughts when we pause, although the mind is constantly thinking and thoughts flood in and flood out of the brain constantly.

 However only a very few of these thoughts are accepted and analysed by our brain. But these thoughts can be negative or positive. Accordingly, these thoughts affect our behaviour and actions. Thoughts  in turn are influenced by many factors, behaviour of others, relaxation, state of mind and most importantly energy. The behaviour of others can influence your mood, a happy or a joyful mood accepts positive thoughts whereas the sad mood accepts the negative thought.

An angry or sad mood will accept negative thoughts. This will affect the time of an event you remember good mood will remember how you tripped and fell on the ball and scored that sweet goal! A bad mood will remember how badly you hurt yourself when you tipped! Mood affects character and thoughts

Gregory Dsouza

Grade 8,

St. Mary’s Catholic School


  Thoughts are a huge part of us. Each person has his or her own thoughts. A thought is a perspective or a point of view. Thoughts have no right or wrong answers. They are opinions. Thoughts come fr  om our mind. Our thoughts are irreplaceable or unchangeable. Thoughts can pop out of our brain as quick as a flash. When a thought jumps out of your head, it is always best to keep track of them in a journal in case it was important. This is because, if the thought was important, we must not lose track of it. Maybe it could develop into better ideas!

Asha Shariff

Grade 5

Gems World Academy


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