What do you wish to be when you grow up?

– Asha Shariff,  Grade 5, Gems World Academy,   Dubai, 

#Mars Rover Curiosity

When I #grow up I want to be an astronaut. I always thought that to be an astronaut one needs to train at National Aeronautics Space Administration  NASA at an early age.  I believe that is the case.  Apart from that, one needs to be very smart and brave to have the courage to go and explore planets. For my individual project at school I am planning to research on one of the following topics:  a. Humans going to Mars in 2020, b. Space tourism and c. Could there be life on another planet? It is my interest in this field that makes me want to research more about it.  However, even though I want to be an astronaut, I have never wanted to go to the moon! Mars has always been my interest.

I do not want to go somewhere where humans have already been. I want to go somewhere unexplored – as of yet!