One night an UFO landed in my back garden. A little man climbed down………

By    Joel Sanil Thomas      Grade 8       Our Own Indian School, Dubai

One night unable to sleep, I kept tossing around. Suddenly, I heard a big thud in the backyard of my house. I got out of my bed and tiptoed down the hall in to my backyard. There I saw a great big UFO. I almost fainted when suddenly the spaceship’s door opened. A small sized alien dawdled up to me and started to speak gibberish. I could not understand what it was trying to tell me. This continued for a few minutes and then the alien went back inside and brought out some kind of a device. The alien fitted the device on its chest, and with a few tweaks and a push of a button it started to talk in my language. And it started to ask me “Can you help me?” “I think I am lost “. To this I shot back a volley of questions. ”Are you really an alien? Which planet are you from? Why did you come here?”

The alien said, ”First of all, stop asking so much questions at once and yes, I am alien to this place. I am from the planet Zorkbog”.

” ZORKBOG ???, which planet is that? What are you doing here?”

” I came here because I lost my way home.”, said the alien.

He continued, “I was returning home in space through a meteor shower when suddenly an asteroid hit my ship. My navigator stopped working.  That was my only way home”

” But what do u want me to do?  I cannot fix anything related to machines and your ship is not even from this planet ”, I told the alien.

The alien said, ”  I know how to fix the ship; I just need some tools and some spare parts, Can you take me some place where I can get all the tools and spare parts?” .

There was silence for a while and then an idea popped into my head, I said to the alien, ” There is an old workshop nearby, the owner died a few years ago and it still remains intact if you can find the tools and spare items you need ”.

”Let’s get there quickly”, replied the alien.

“Yeah, let us go, but before that you need to find some way to hide your ship, or else, you will be in grave danger”.

” No need to worry about that”, saying this he took out a remote and on pressing a button the ship became invisible. Both of us hurried to the workshop, I waited out for lookout and the alien went inside to take all the tools he needed . After that we went back to my house we both worked on the ship to fix it. We finally got the navigator to work after a while.

Just as he was about to leave back in his ship, the alien took me inside the ship saying,” I am going to give you a gift as you have been very helpful.”

It was really cool inside the ship. There was many wonderful looking gadgets in there. The alien came back with a cute little box. He looked at me and told me “This is a robot pet we use in our world. Its abilities are limitless. I am going to gift this to you as you have been very helpful to me”. I was stunned. I thanked him and got out of the ship. Then slowly the ship started to rise up in to the sky and into the space. When the ship was out of view, I pressed a small button of the box gifted to me. The box transformed itself into a cute little dog. This was the best midnight adventure in my whole life.