What if there were no cars, no buses nor trains nor planes? Would this change our life?

If there were no cars, buses, trains or planes this would change our life because there would not be any means of transportation. Maybe there would be Dhows as in the past and people would still use camels or other animals to go where they want to go. Development is impossible without transportation. We see new stuff in our life because of transportation. We see all these computers, iPads and iPhones because of transportation. We eat different kinds of food from different places in the world because of transportation. So transportation is very important for all development.

 Dawud Mohammed

Cambridge International School, Dubai

Grade 3


Does advertising influence our food choice?

In today’s world,  lots of new products  are made everyday.  Advertising helps both companies and people to be aware of the products that are sold in the market. Humans are curious by nature to know about new things. That’s why whenever we see something new we want to buy or try it. So advertisement is one of the important ways to attract the people towards the new product. The customers get interested on seeing the advertisements about their favourite products. But, there are some disadvantages too. The media does not show the bad side of the new product at all. They do not inform us of the chemicals that are added as preservatives. So most customers who do not know much about the product do not find out the ill effects of using the product and sometimes this affects their health. Advertising companies normally use models or famous people to advertise their products. If models are shown using the product in the advertisement, the customers will get attracted and they  buy the product. Sometimes even I insist that my mother buys the food that I see advertised on television. So, I think advertisement influences not only  our food choices but all other things in life as well.

Anjali P.V

 Grade 7

Indian International School