My first day at school!

My first day of school was on the 1st of April 2008 in “Delhi Private School: Dubai”. It happens to be the same school that I am in today in Grade 7.  At that time, I remember being very scared to enter the class room. This fear was partly due to the fact that I was generally and am still shorter than average people of my age. So deep down, there probably was the fear of getting bullied. However, when I stepped into the class I was extremely surprised that my size was not very different from the others at that time! But instead of feeling relieved, I was overcome by more fear as I was about to utter my first word in the class. Almost suddenly, I burst out into tears! My mother had not even left the class and came back to hug me. She stayed there for few minutes and then left me on my own after comforting me. After that, I was able to handle my tears and that was the time I learnt to be strong and to face my fears. Soon the teacher came around to me and asked me to recite the English Alphabet, This time around, I gathered myself  and buried my fears deep down in the bottomless abyss of my forgotten memories, until I was sure that I would no longer remember what that fear was for, anymore .

That day was absolutely the most important day of my life and I want to never remember the fear again .

By: Gregory Dsouza, Grade 7

Delhi Private School  Dubai 

When I reached my new school Cambridge International School, I felt half excited and half scared. I tried to remain cool and bold as I entered the classroom. The students somehow looked small. That made me a bit comfortable.  I  liked the colour of the furniture in the room. There were many kids in the room and they were all talking at the same time. I thought I would be left alone with no one to talk to. Just then, one of the students came and spoke to me. She told me that she would take me around. So we went out to the hall and all the important places. It took me a while to learn and remember where the washroom, the playground and our classroom were.  I  realized that I was not nervous anymore. From then on, me and the girl became friends.  And afterwards, I made many more friends.

By: Nicole Chin , Grade 5

Cambridge International School, Dubai