What would you do if you woke up in the morning one day and found yourself invisible?

Luxme Thapa Magar- Grade 9- Crescent English High School, Dubai

If I woke up one fine morning and found out that I was no longer visible, then I would be very happy. I would do everything I wanted to do that cannot be done when I am visible. I am not a foodie but enjoy trying new dishes, so I would go to many restaurants and eat new dishes as well as my favourite dishes. I would enjoy the time and be really naughty. I would make use of the opportunity and  do whatever I wanted to  and nobody would be there to stop me. I would go to private places, prank many people, and that day would be the best day of my life.


Participating in team sports develops good character:

Swaroop Sajeesh – Grade 4 -Our Own High School, Al Warqa, Dubaiimages

The most important fact is that playing sports itself is a good exercise for our body and this will improve our health and also make us happier. Team sports like football, basketball etc., will help us in many ways. We normally have to follow a lot of rule in all sports. In team sports, besides this, we also have to cooperate with other players, so we learn to respect others, learn good behaviour, discipline, team work etc. These, altogether help to build good character.


Ben Siju Alex – Grade 9 – Our Own High School, Al Warqa, Dubai

Football is a great a great example of how playing team sports can help to build good character. Football is played by passing the ball between the team players. Without passing the ball, a player would not single-handedly be able to score goals. This can be applied to our life as well.  We need to share and make adjustments in life often to reach our goals. Just as in football, if we fail to pass the ball, a player may only be able to reach perhaps up to half the field. In our life also, we cannot do much without getting the help of people around us.  Another value we learn from football is the respect we need to show to the coach and to the fellow team players. Football also teaches us to be disciplined as we learn to follow rules. Disobedience of rules will make people think of us as ill mannered. So playing team sports in general can help us develop our personality and build good character.