All students should be required to take cooking class at school! (Aisuda Zandy and Shamma)

The reason why cooking classes are required is that we could help our mums and it is necessary for our future. Some mums come from work tired and they need to cook, so if we know how to cook we can help our mum.

In addition, its useful for our future. When we grow up, instead of eating fast food all the time or eating from restaurants, we could cook at home and eat healthy food.

By Aisuda Zandy- Grade 5-Dubai English Speaking School- Dubai


This is certainly not a good idea because the students should study and not cook at school. They will end up not have time for learning. Also, I think that our parents send us to school not for cooking at school, but they pay so we can learn new things. In my view, subjects like Math are more important because when we grow up, we will need Math all the time in our daily life.

By  Shamma Ali Khamis- Grade 5- Mawakeb Girls School- Dubai


If I were a grape that was about to become a raisin (Hayzil Jamal-Grade 4 Kindergarten Starters, Dubai)


If I were a grape that was about to become a raisin I would live in constant scare of being thrown into a Biriyani or a pudding to be eaten by humans. I am not sure you as humans, would really understand all that stress and frustration I would be facing just waiting for that fatal day when my life would end as someone’s meal!!

But on the other side, I would also feel happy for having had a beautiful life before as a young purple grape, with so much flesh and juice in me. As a raisin, I would lose my colour and would shrivel and dry up but could always live with the memories of having lived a beautiful life as a grape.