The mystery of the missing car!( Adarsh Ravikumar Grade 8- Our Own English High School Sharjah)

Fenix was gobbling up his sandwich. As usual, he was late to office, having forgotten to set his alarm. As he rushed, his son reminded him that it was a holiday. His mom was to be picked up in an hour. Fenix rushed out to his car. But lo, his car was missing! “My car is stolen!” cried Fenix. Fenix looked in vain for the car. The police came and registered a case of theft. Just then, Fenix’s neighbour charged in furious and angry. “This is the last time you will use my garage for your car”, said the neighbour!!!

missing car


Summarizing a Statistical Graph…( Gregory DSouza – Grade 6 – Delhi Private School, Dubai)

Mary Pradhan’s Saving and Expenditure :

Greg Pie chartI think Mary Pradhan is wise with her money as she is saving as much as she can, while meeting her necessities and desires. She is thinking about her old age rather than spending like a maniac now and always relying on others during her old age. While saving more than a quarter,  she also spends for her necessities like food, telephone and travelling (within the country). Though this chart does not show us her travels within and outside the country, on a general basis we can say that there is more on within the country as most people do not travel from country to country regularly. Also take into account that she is generous and cares for the poor, she spends five percent of her income in donating to charity, the poor, helpless and the needy. It seems that she falls sick regularly for an average human or she may have a medical condition that makes her visit the hospital regularly. But she also may be saving up on medicines so that if she falls sick she does not need to rush to the clinic or pharmacy to get treated. She also spends on herself for cosmetics  that boosts her  looks and self-confidence. Then finally, she has to spend on telephone services to talk to her family, friends and other relatives. Which is why I conclude that her expenses are all wisely made.