What makes you feel nervous? How do you deal with it? – Asha Shariff

Nervousness, stress, anxiety, they are all related.  The most common one is nervousness. We all feel nervous sometimes and we have to find a way to deal with it and release the stress and anxiety causing it. Nervousness is a constant feeing which comes and goes every now and then. Each of us have a certain amount of confidence, but believe me, there comes a time where we all get nervous. What is causing this nervousness? Well, nervousness is caused by lack of confidence, shyness or even stress. This happens either when there are a number of people listening to us, or just due to the the type of people around us.

What makes me feel nervous? Although I myself am quite confident, sometimes there are moments where I lack confidence. I am in wonder why this is so. I personally think this occurs when teachers are around. I find that I am not as confident when teachers or grown-ups are listening to me speak. However, when I am prepared for speaking, and there are teachers around, then  my confidence does not fail me.

Everyone has their own method of dealing with their nervousness. But if you like talking to yourself and imagining, here is my advice to you to deal with your nervousness. When speaking in public and you feel that sneaky nervousness interrupting you, you just have to imagine there is no one listening to you. Think as if you are still rehearsing. It makes the body feel more comfortable. This is a much better thing to do than bursting out into tears. That would be a huge embarrassment to yourself and everyone who is listening to you.

To conclude, we all face these times when we just feel like running away to some place else, where no one is around. But that is not what we should do. We have to learn how to deal with it. Do not burst into tears. Face those fears of yours and make that anxiety, nervousness and stress disappear and not bother you for the rest of time.


Asha A Shariff

Grade 5

Gems World Academy



Have you ever gotten lost? What did you do at the time? By Aleena and Deep

My parents sometimes let me go alone to the playground and my friend’s house but not always.  Once when I went playing like this in the playground, I played for a long time. Then I got bored and so I went out searching for my mom. But I could not find her anywhere. So I got scared that she might had left me all by myself. Then I remembered what my sister had done when she got lost. So, I went to the security room. And the security guard called my mom. Then she found me and I was happy.

Then I understood that we should stay close to our parents when we go out and also that we should not go anywhere without informing our parents                     

Aleena Ahamed                                                                  

New  Millennium School

Grade 2


I love playing games and my mother lets me play too. One day my mom took me to the cricket stadium. When we reached there I saw some players playing cricket. Since I love cricket,  I wanted to watch the match. My mom went to park the car. Then I went to watch the game. After few minutes I came back to the same place where my mom had parked her car but I couldn’t see her.  I was so scared. After a while I saw my mom looking for me and calling out my name. I ran to her and we both were happy.

I realized that I should not go anywhere without asking my parents.

Deep Tarun Bhatia

Gems Modern Academy

Grade 2


Imagine you can read people’s mind in a situation. When is /is not a good thing?- By Dawud, Grade 4

If I could read people’s mind, I could help them in anything they’re struggling for. Just like, if I can read my teacher’s mind I would know what she was going to teach next, this could help me to plan for my lessons. So, if I needed to bring any new stationery, I could buy and bring it. Also if my parents were planning for any trips, I could help if they needed support so it would be a successful trip. This is actually a good thing as I could help others to have a happy life.

Dawud Mohammed

Cambridge International School
Grade 4

Where do our thoughts come from? By Jayden Daniel, Grade 2

My thoughts come from my imagination and mind. We can think a lot of things at a time. Sometimes thoughts come from the different situations we are in. For example when you are in the school you think only about reading but if you are in the park you will think about playing only. A thought can be positive or negative. A thought can lead to another thought.

Jayden Daniel

New Millennium School

Grade 2



Where do our thoughts come from? Gregory and Asha



Thoughts comes from the situational problems or situations. Thoughts also come from our brain. We get thoughts when we pause, although the mind is constantly thinking and thoughts flood in and flood out of the brain constantly.

 However only a very few of these thoughts are accepted and analysed by our brain. But these thoughts can be negative or positive. Accordingly, these thoughts affect our behaviour and actions. Thoughts  in turn are influenced by many factors, behaviour of others, relaxation, state of mind and most importantly energy. The behaviour of others can influence your mood, a happy or a joyful mood accepts positive thoughts whereas the sad mood accepts the negative thought.

An angry or sad mood will accept negative thoughts. This will affect the time of an event you remember good mood will remember how you tripped and fell on the ball and scored that sweet goal! A bad mood will remember how badly you hurt yourself when you tipped! Mood affects character and thoughts

Gregory Dsouza

Grade 8,

St. Mary’s Catholic School


  Thoughts are a huge part of us. Each person has his or her own thoughts. A thought is a perspective or a point of view. Thoughts have no right or wrong answers. They are opinions. Thoughts come fr  om our mind. Our thoughts are irreplaceable or unchangeable. Thoughts can pop out of our brain as quick as a flash. When a thought jumps out of your head, it is always best to keep track of them in a journal in case it was important. This is because, if the thought was important, we must not lose track of it. Maybe it could develop into better ideas!

Asha Shariff

Grade 5

Gems World Academy

Where do you go when you really need to focus on something?- Suzanne Kassim


To focus on something means to concentrate hard on what you’re doing so you can learn more about the topic. This will help you to do the work faster and in a better way.

When I need to focus on something and someone is bothering me, I simply tell them to stop! If they don’t listen to that, then I would need to shout “STOP” at the top of my voice!! And if they didn’t still listen to that either, then I would push my way past them and lock the room behind me as I enter!!

The benefit of focusing on your work with no noise around you, is that you will be more confident on what you are learning and in the future if you ever learn about that topic in school or anywhere you will now all the answers.

Suzanne Kassim 

Age- 8 Years

For Brainy kids Centre